Building a Multi-Angle Video Player for FanFootage

FanFootage logo

How I built a client-based multi-angle video player for who hired me in early 2013. This summary outlines the project brief, details some of the technical challenges I faced and lays out the solutions I arrived at.

Domain Masher: thesaurus and availability

Domain Masher interface

Domain Masher is a tool which helps you come up with available and relatable domain names. It’s a cross between a thesaurus and a domain availability checker.

It combines some of my open source projects such as dinosaurus and Name Checker to come up with a tool which is easy to use and helpful.

Namedar. Brainstorm the perfect business name

Namedar interface

Namedar is a service which helps bring co-founders, friends and business partners together to brainstorm the perfect name for their business, startup or product.

SeenBefore: Find things you have seen before

SeenBefore inserted into the Google search results

SeenBefore is a project I worked on in Dogpatch Labs. It allows you to quickly find information you have seen before on the internet. It integrates directly into your Google search results so that it’s easily available when you need it most.

Dinosaurus: Ruby Thesaurus API Wrapper

Dinosaurus logo

Dinosaurus is a Ruby wrapper for the Big Huge Thesaurus API from the people at Big Huge Labs. It’s open source and available on Github.

Reckoned: Hold politicians accountable

Reckoned logo

Reckoned was the project I worked on at Startup Weekend Dublin 2012. It is a way to hold politicians accountable to their constituents by cataloguing their promises and allowing the public to vote on whether or not the politician followed up on his/her promises. It won best pitch at the event.