Dinosaurus is a Ruby wrapper for the Big Huge Thesaurus API from the people at Big Huge Labs. It’s open source (MIT) and available on Github.

Dinosaurs reading books

I extracted it from my Domain Masher project which is a cross between a thesaurus and a domain availability checker.

The Big Huge Thesaurus is a great service which has the capability to return synonyms, antonyms, related words, similar words and rhyming words (among other things). It can return JSON and XML and the pricing is very reasonable.

The gem itself has a very simple interface. You just use the lookup method to lookup a word in the thesaurus.

require "dinosaurus"
results = Dinosaurus.lookup('people')

# => ['citizenty', 'multitude', ...]

Of course there is a convenience method called Dinosaurus::synonyms_of which would get you the same results.