Domain masher is a product born out of paying attention to my own actions and trying to automate them.

I love this idea. I did a couple of toy searches and found some pretty great domain names. This sort’ve feels like one of those “Why didn’t I think of that” ideas. Which means… Good Job! - tseabrooks

Wow! So smart this is something I do when coming up with domain names but nice to simplify it, making it incredibly faster. - brackin

Whenever I had to come up with a name for a project I was working on, the first thing I would do is think of some words which pertained to the business domain of the project. I’d write them down in a spreadsheet then I’d open up and build a list of synonyms for each word. That way I would have plenty of words to mash together in order to try and come up with a domain name which was both relevant and available.

After going through this process a few times, it struck me that it could easily be automated. From this thought, Domain Masher was born.

The concept is simple. You type a word in the box and the site simultaneously retrieves a list of synonyms and the .com domain availability.


This means that as soon as you think of one good word for your domain, you’re automatically provided with many related words to try next. This greatly speeds up the process of coming up with an available name.

Domain Masher draws on some of my open source projects such as dinosaurus which is a Ruby wrapper for the BigHugeLabs thesaurus API and Name Checker, which is a RubyGem for checking the availability of a word on any TLD, Twitter and Facebook.

It was well received on Hacker News getting 109 of those all important upvotes.