Reckoned was conceived as a way to hold politicians accountable for the promises they make to their constituents. It was the project I worked on at Startup Weekend Dublin 2012 with this nice bunch of chaps:

Reckoned team at Startup Weekend 2012

The basic idea was to build a website which would track the promises that politicians make. The promises could be user submitted but each submission would have to include evidence that the promise was actually made. This evidence could be a quote from a party manifesto or a video clip from a speech for example. Once the promise appears on the website, users can vote whether on or not they feel the politician has followed up on the promise and achieved any results.

the reckoned website prototype

The hope was that greater accountability for politicians would help motivate them to achieve greater things (and prevent them from doing not-so-great things!). It could also have the added benefit of making the act of voting in elections a more informed decision. It’s much easier to know who to vote for if you can easily look up a table of results for each candidate.

We got an absolute ton of work done that weekend including visiting the Russian Embassy to talk to people who were voting in the Russian elections. Everyone there was excited about the idea and told us that they would love to see an easier way to find out how successful politicians were. We also built a working prototype and launched it during startup weekend so people could actually vote on promises as the weekend progressed.

In the end we won best pitch alongside another project called Conker. The Startup Weekend event was incredibly enjoyable and I met a lot of great people there. I highly recommend you find one to attend if you can.