SeenBefore is a project I worked on with Vinny Glennon and Derek Organ in Dogpatch Labs Dublin.

SeenBefore is a service which allows you to quickly find information you have seen before on the internet. Often, while browsing around the web, we stumble across information which isn’t important at the time but which becomes critical at a later date. It can often be difficult to find this information again wen we need it. Google is great for broad queries but it’s not often the perfect tool to find an exact piece of text on one exact website.

This is where SeenBefore excels. It integrates directly into your Google search results so that it’s easily available when you need it most.

SeenBefore integrated into Google search results

Clicking the SeenBefore link within a Google search will retrieve all pages you have previously visited which are related to that search term. The links will be chronologically ordered and separated into chunks of time such as “Yesterday” and “Last Week”. This makes it really easy to discern the exact page where you saw the information you are looking for.

My primary responsibility was the development of browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Safari which would perform the tasks of collecting information from web pages that users visited and displaying search results to users. I was also involved in shaping the Rails backend after I came onto a large codebase which had been in development for quite a few months.

Despite some early traction and good feedback from users, the project was discontinued at the end of 2012.