Anatomy of a roadmap planning fail

5 minute read

The story of how I tried and failed to win buyin from my own team, how I changed the way I spoke about the vision for our product and how I re-framed the con...

Product managers are products too

4 minute read

My personal thoughts on an article about how to treat yourself and your career as if it was a product. Useful to think about for anyone who is trying to impr...

Real developers don’t use UIs

4 minute read

Notes and comments on an excellent comparison of the pros and cons of web UIs vs CLIs and when each should be used.

Managing Product Managers

6 minute read

My personal notes and addendums on Brandon Chu’s excellent article about the investor model for managing PMs.

Why does internal corporate software suck?

4 minute read

It’s tempting to think that internal tool UX sucks because people just couldn’t be bothered but perhaps there are times when “just good enough” is the answer.


Product Manager: Level 2

2 minute read

After 6 months in my new role as Product Manager, I feel like I’ve had an epiphany and discovered a new level of value I can add. This post explores what it ...

Dealing with distant future work items

3 minute read

If a Story in the backlog is something you’d like to work on one day, but that day is definitely not in the next 12 months — does it make sense to leave that...

Affordances on the web

2 minute read

How the web confuses users by hiding affordances and multiplying their total number.

Tasks vs Stories vs Bugs vs…

1 minute read

Figuring out the type of issue you’re dealing with can be a common source of discombobulation. This easy analogy helps me figure out how to classify work.

Should we story point our tasks?

3 minute read

Both stories and tasks eat up development time and involve labour. But many teams only put story points on their stories. How do we account for the work that...